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Diamond ring made by Roger Summers
Crafted gold piece by Roger Summers


Roger Summers also manages Medieval shows around the Uk and abroad. His website is Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer Roger Summers
is based in Enfield, Middlesex. He was born in London and studied as an apprentice goldsmith in London's Hatton Garden at the Diamond Centre. He has over 25 years experience as a Jewellery Designer and is registered as
a Goldsmith with the London Assay Office in the City of London. He specialises in Fine Hand Made and Hand
Finished diamond jewellery in Platinum, 22ct, 18ct and Sterling silver. Roger also has a interest in Medieval craftsmen jewellers and jewellery. 
Roger wearing a
crown he made

He began making bespoke jewellery and gifts during his
career as a Goldsmith. He has made replica Kings'
Crowns, Swords, Arrow heads, Medieval rings in Gold and Sterling silver
as well as traditional and modern jewellery such as engagement rings,
wedding rings, eternity rings, precious stone necklaces and bracelets. 

Commissions include:

• The Macro Publishing Awards

• Exporting hand made jewellery to the United States of America and Canada

• The Publishing Magazine Awards, London

• Hand made jewellery to shops in London’s Hatton Garden

• He has designed and hand made Master Patterns for casting in gold and silver

Rogers standard of work and attention to detail is second to none and customer needs are always considered carefully. Roger is a master craftsman so ifyou have seen something you really like just ask. He can produce a bespoke copy for you in a similar style. 

French Canon, Hand made by Roger age 15

French Cannon, hand made by Roger age 15

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